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the first ever promotional paper binder

This logoclip can be printed with any design of your choice, displaying your logo and effectively enhance your corporate identity. Complex, multi-coloured motives can be printed with our special printing technique that ensures excellent quality. 

As first ever clip model, Markclip is still one of the most popular promotional paper clips in the world, with its timeless design and its elegance revered by many.

  • Material: stainless steel

  • Size: 12 x 28 mm

  • Type of printing (1 side):

    • pad printing

    • laser engraving

  • Binding capacity up to 8 sheets

  • Suitable for

    • daily use

    • internal and external correspondence​

  • Minimum order: 1.000 pieces

  • Investment from: 399€

  • Reduced prices for resellers

  • Production time: 3-5 weeks

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Markclip, promotional paper binder, square shaped paper binder
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desktop box

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