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Video Deltaclip, sujeta papeles de papel

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Powerful and innovative logo clip made of paper. Environmentally friendly, can be applied multiple times, easy to use.

This promotional clip has a large surface for printing your logo or message; it can also be used to leave written messages.

  • Material : reinforced paper (FSC type)

  • Size : 25 x 50mm

  • Print Type (1-sided):

    • digital (full color)

  • Holds up to 15 sheets (80 gr)

  • Perfect for :

    • product launches

    • specific ads

    • personalized mailings

    • fairs and congresses

  • Minimum quantity: 1,000 units

  • Investment from: € 299

  • Reduced rates for distributors

  • Production time: 2-3 weeks

The most impressive paper clip ...

Made of paper!

deltaclip, sujeta papeles de papel, logoclip papel, clip esquina, promoclip
Deltaclip, sujeta papeles barco, paperclip boat, logoclip papel
deltaclip, sujeta papeles de pape, clip esquina, logoclip papel, promoclip papel
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desktop box

deltaclip, clip para contratos, clip papel, clip esquina, logoclip